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About SUNDE Project

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo Coelho
SUNDE Project was formed by some IT graduates based on simple ideas to spread Information Technology to the world. SUNDE Team can support many areas such as hardware, software and even vision to the world.
SUNDE Team provide convenience for you to consult about IT problems in your company so that it will give you more time to do the other business. Let's us help you solve your IT problems.
Krisna Dana
Customer Representative
Nuvarolista Banunaek
Web Developer
Nyoman Swantara
Web Desinger
Aditya Pratama
Customer Representative

Agus Dwi Nugraha
System Information Analyst
Bagus Madu
Branding Designer
Agus Sudartika
Hardware Infrastructure
Septian Hardianto
Networking Infrastructure

Eko Prasetya
Web Developer
Dwi Suwardiana
Server Manager
Gede Okta Susanto
Server Manager
Ketut DjoKo
Game Developer

Wayan Tito
Desktop Programmer


To manage a business well is to manage its future, and to manage the future is to manage information.

Marion Harper
Information nowdays is the source of all benefit, it gives a business some advantage to manage the company with good information.
Our team will help you managing your business information using the updated IT based solution. With good information system in your company, you will have the advantage to develop your business.

Everything is designed, few things are designed well

Brian Reed
Website is place to collect information, tell the customers about the items or services that is sold in a company.
SUNDE Team has learn many things about websites and their purposes, we will guide you to choose the best website design and structure to present the informations of the company's products.

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumer tell each other it is.

Scott Cook
Brand is the face or identity of a company, it is important to create a long lasting impression to the clients and that is our goal in branding.
Our team will help you to create an awesome identity for your company. We ensure that our team will give life to your company's brand so that it can reveal your company's goal.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

Isaac Asimov
A great information systems and websites is not just about the contents inside but also depending on the hardware infrastucture's performance.
Our team will advice you to choose the best hardware infratructures and updates that will provide better performance for your company.

The communications network is the lifeline to any organization.

Kevin Kelleher
With good Information System, Website and Hardware, now is about how can we relay it through network communication to the internet.
SUNDE Team will help you to set up your company's network infrastructure. We provide support for networking and CCTV. A good network infrastructures will ease your working method and increase you company productivity.

Why Choose Us?


SUNDE Team will see through your IT problems and solve it with some smart innovations.

Latest Technology

SUNDE Team will give you the latest updates of the technology we use in software and hardware case to get the best performance.


Together with you, SUNDE Project will try to collaborate the ideas about solving IT problems. Together is Better.

Development Monitor

SUNDE Team is always monitoring the IT Development in the world and also giving you the suitable solutions for your problems.

We’re Responsible

SUNDE Team is responsible in performing the duty as if we also own the result of the projects.

We're Friendly

SUNDE Team will serve you as friendly as possible so that you won't only satisfied with the result but also while the job is still in progress.


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